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Accross from OSU Ohio State University -Photography by Jamila Malluf


One day we were on the bridge and suddenly a huge grey cloud that had sat ominously in the sky started to change shape. There was obviously a wind pushing it around.




Of course, I’d seen wind blow clouds before but this was not the same it seemed as if part of the cloud was holding a conversation with another part and together made a conscience decision to join in some kind of harmony. It was a sight to behold…


Unfortunately, just minutes off the Bridge the rain began pouring like no other rain storm so we headed for home. Large balls of hail started beating down on our car we had to pull off the road several times finally finding shelter at a Tim Hortons.



Usually Tim’s is busy and buzzing but this day you could feel the fear, everyone was quiet. The last thing on anyone’s mind this day was the fresh coffee that was brewing or the wonderful smell of pastry in the air. No one ate, drank or even spok until the storm passed.

Sadly, Tim Hortons has been call to the carpet in recent years for displacing it's citizens with foreign workers using a Program voted into law called Temporary Foreign Worker Program. I have included an additional video in the gallery above of a young lady who works/worked for Tim Hortons in Canada who blows the whistle and is gives a chilling account of what I consider to be a work around of the desired TPP that the USA, Canada and other countries wanted to put in place which would have made it legal for its member nations to remove the boarders and exchange migrant workers that would undercut and displaced its citizens.  American workers would also have been displaced by immigrant workers who would accept wages below our minimum wage standard. While the TPP would have protected the American petrol dollar it would have devastated what is left of our work force.



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TallFever -YouTube  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5fdTs8nv3o

Steeper33-YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3S_yD8K75-w

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