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Before and After Using Adobe Master Collections --Click Here

Working with Adobe Master Collections -Photography by Jamila Malluf


As a Software Architect, my husband

 Ibrahim, helped me to learn how to sharpen my computer skills which led me to managing both Software Contracts and Software projects for both of our corporations, bookkeeping, digital photography and using the Adobe Master Collections for Photo Editing creating simple videos and Graphic Art, As a software contractor, we travel the USA for work and if he can get away with it we travel without stopping except for gasing the car.


I took this photo in the parking lot of a gas station on the way to Montana can you believe it Wild Turkey's


or- we drive till exhaustion takes over and a bed and shower is the only consideration.


The mornings afters consists of a hotel Continental Breakfast or a Dunkin Donuts Drive By (We didn't eat Organic in those days), unless I made a demand- and- absolutely no sightseeing, unless it’s done out of the car window at 80 miles an hour. It's always hurry, hurry and as a result a large portion of my photos were taken from the car window in cites or on highways at high speeds and because most of my work wasn’t planned, Photo Editing is essential.


I have had a lot of fun using Adobe Master Collections and this series of Before & After shows how I took drab photos and gave them color.

They required work but when you cannot retake a photo that you like, the time spent editing is well worth it.




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