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The Zia

The Symbol on the New Mexico Flag



                                                                                   The New Mexico Flag And The Meaning Of The Symbol

                         The Zia

               The Meaning of the Sun Symbol featured on the New Mexico Flag


The Zia regard the Sun as a sacred symbol. Their symbol, a red circle with groups of rays pointing in four directions, is painted on ceremonial vases, drawn on the ground around campfires, and used to introduce newborns to the Sun. Four is the sacred number of the Zia and can be found repeated in the four points radiating from the circle. The number four is embodied in:

  • The four points of the compass (north, south, east, and west)
  • The four seasons of the year (spring, summer, autumn, and winter)
  • The four periods of each day (morning, noon, evening, and night)
  • The four seasons of life (childhood, youth, middle years, and old age)
  • The four sacred obligations one must develop (a strong body, a clear mind, a pure spirit, and a devotion to the welfare of others), according to Zia belief

    The symbol is featured on the flag of New Mexico and in the design of both the New Mexico State Capitol and New Mexico's State Quarter entry, as well as the state highway marker. Given its history, the Pueblo would like people to first request permission before using it.[15][16]


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