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The Dragon Fly Photography by: Ibrahim Malluf & The Butterfly Photography by: Jamila Malluf



The Butterfly Photo is  from a forest in Columbus Ohio and Dragon Fly From pond outside our door at the Lemon Tree Hotel in California. 

Dragon fly photo by: Ibrahim Malluf & Butterfly photo by: Jamila Malluf

Bringing the 2 photos together and creation of the card: Jamila Malluf

Ibrahim's Gallery Coming Soon!

Meet Ibrahim Malluf:
He is a 32 year Software Architect using the Microsoft Stack, has 22 years Web Development   and is Former Microsoft MVP for 5 years. He is also Published by:


QUE, Fawcett, McMillian, Addison Wesley Waite Group and others



Semi- retired Ibrahim takes on Software and Web projects  from home and enjoys hobbies photraphy, desiging Apps for phone and Windows Desktop, playing Video games!

Photography and Layout By: Jamila Malluf


Jamila's Gallery

Meet Jamila Malluf:

Project Manager of Software Projects mastering the teaching of McConnell and eaving a history of successful software and web projects for Malluf Consulting Services. The current Project being planned and excuted today October 2018 is a project to help disadvantaged communities

Bookkeeper for 19 years using Peach Tree, Microsoft Small Business Accounting  and finally Quick Books and Quick Books online. Graphic Artist 17 years using early Microsoft Art Tools, and Adobe Master Collections for the past 10 years also, Fashion Design working with a team from Pakistan and Dubi turning my sketches into garments worn around the USA.

Lastly,  Professional Photography for 9 years using Cannon products such as the  Rebel XTi, Cannon 60D and 70D and of course I am praying for a 80D :).  

I currently am a Freelancer for Evolve Vacation Rentals   https://evolvevacationrental.com/423675


Photography and Introduction Logo for "Steemit.com" by: Jamila Malluf